The Mews


The Mews- I like to think of them as hidden secrets scattered throughout London. When I first moved here from the US, I had no idea what a Mews was. Originally they were a row of stables (back when horses were the preferred form of transportation) behind large city houses that opened up to an alley, lane or backstreet. Nowadays, most of these stables have been converted into homes. Most mews are much quieter than a typical London road (sometimes due to them being dead end roads) and I often find that they have a lot of greenery and other interesting features. Most of the mews I’ve photographed have been found while out for a walk. You wouldn’t even know most of them are there unless you turn a certain corner but when you do, you find yourself in a really beautiful and peaceful part of the city. I love exploring them and plan on adding to this series as I discover more throughout London.

mews_02 mews_03 mews_04 mews_05 mews_06 mews_07 mews_08 mews_09 mews_10 mews_11 mews_12

*shot on a Rolleiflex with Kodak Ektar*

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