Palm Springs


Itinerary: A weekend in Palm Springs for a work trip to photograph some clients getting married later in the year.

Travel Time: I took this trip back when I was living in NYC so it was a direct flight from NYC to LA followed by about a 2 hour drive to Palm Springs.

Accommodation: I stayed at the Ace Hotel in Palm Springs and even though I had seen so much posted about it on blogs and it might seem a little played out, I thoroughly enjoyed it. It was my first experience staying at any Ace location and I really loved all of the details in the rooms, the fabulous pool and great Cocktails as well. It was a great place to stay for a solo trip as I felt like there was a lot for me to do but I can also imagine it being a great family spot too.

Highlight(s): Since this was a work trip, I was traveling on my own and did a lot of solo exploring. One day I took a little drive out to Joshua Tree National Park which was beyond stunning and I loved the look of the quirky Joshua Trees as I hiked around. I did venture into town to a breakfast place called Cheeky’s that I had read about. I was most intrigued by their “flight of bacon” which is basically a selection of all of the different bacon varieties they have which vary from an applewood to jalapeño. Needless to say, I was a very happy customer! But I think my absolute favorite place I went to was the Palm Oasis in Indian Canyons. It is basically a collection of enormous palm trees that shade the area below creating a beautiful oasis. It was unlike anything I have ever seen and looked like something almost other worldly.

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Martha’s Vineyard


Itinerary: A weekend trip up to the beautiful Martha’s Vineyard.

Travel Time: About a 4 hour drive from Manhattan to Woods Hole where you can catch a ferry to the island (about another 30-40 minutes of travel time).

Accommodation: One this trip we were invited to spend the weekend at the home of our friend’s parents’ along with a few of my husband’s other work colleagues. I absolutely love visiting a place with a local and getting to see the less touristy side of things.

Highlight(s): This was such a great trip- no agenda, just a weekend to hangout with friends, eat good food and enjoy the outdoors. Martha’s Vineyard is one of those picturesque places where every street looks like something from a movie or a Norman Rockwell painting. Americana in its most pure form. We grilled out, spent the day at the beach, rode bikes around the neighborhood… typical beach town stuff. One great breakfast place I recommend that we visited is called the Right Fork Diner and is located right next to the Katama Airfield. You can enjoy a tall stack of pancakes while watching bi-planes take off and land then head out for a great day at the beach.

marthas_vineyard_01marthas_vineyard_03 marthas_vineyard_05 marthas_vineyard_04marthas_vineyard_06 marthas_vineyard_07 marthas_vineyard_08 marthas_vineyard_09 marthas_vineyard_10 marthas_vineyard_11 marthas_vineyard_12 marthas_vineyard_14 marthas_vineyard_13marthas_vineyard_15 marthas_vineyard_16


Orcas Island


Itinerary: A long weekend on Orcas Island, one of the San Juan Islands, just northwest of Seattle.

Travel Time: Flight to Seattle followed by a 90 minute drive and then 50 minute ferry ride.

Accommodation: For this trip we stayed in the guest house of a friend of a friend just along Massacre Bay on the western part of the island. It had a lovely rustic vibe and reminded me a bit of summer camp which was perfect for the relaxing weekend we had planned. The lack of cell service/wi-fi/tv allowed us to unplug for the weekend and just enjoy where we were.

Highlight(s): Going in to this trip, neither me nor my husband did any planing or research. The only thing we knew was where we would be staying and how to get to the island and this somehow ended up being the perfect way to go about things given the relaxed vibe of Orcas. I think because I didn’t really read up on where we were going, everything was a novelty for me, even the ferry ride from Anacortes to Orcas Island. It was so relaxing and you had 360 degrees of beautiful views the entire ride. Once we arrived, the next few days were filled with sleeping in, exploring the island by car, taking leisurely hikes (my favorite of which was around Mountain Lake in Moran State Park) and eating some of the freshest seafood I’ve ever had. The local farmer’s market in Eastsound provided a great place to cobble together a picnic to take along with you on a hike while both the New Leaf Café and the West Sound Café at the Kingfish Inn were so good, we went back to both of them more than once!

We were visiting Orcas Island in late July and were blessed with clear skies every single day. The lack of humidity and insects (I swear I did not get one mosquito bite the entire trip and I normally attract them like moths to a flame) made you want to enjoy the outdoors all day long and thats pretty much what we did. I often wish this place were more convenient to London so we could spend more time here!

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*shot on the Rolleiflex with Kodak Ektar*

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