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A portrait series of people who call London home.

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How long have you lived in London?

I was born in Greater London but have moved around a little bit and now live in a lovely, leafy part of London not far from Hampstead Heath.

What makes someone a Londoner?

You know you’re a Londoner when you get cross if a tourist is stood still in your way at Oxford Circus and you find yourself huffing as you get past them. London adopts everyone and anyone if they’re here long enough.

North or South?

I grew up just outside of west London, but now live in north-west London, so I have to say north, else they’ll chase me out. We have friends who’ve bought beautiful Victorian properties in south London, so we’re south of the river quite a bit and I love places like Blackheath & Greenwich village.

Favorite thing about living in London?

I didn’t realize how much I loved living in London until I went to Australia for the first time and experienced an English-speaking country with comparatively little diversity. I like Australia and married an Australian, but the sheer range of cultures and the fact that the colour of your skin is not a popular conversation topic here, made me see how lucky I am to have been brought up in such a multi-cultural society. My parents are both English-born and I consider myself English, which blows quite a few people’s minds because I’m not white, but I don’t remember it ever being an issue in my adult life in London. I love that.

Least favorite thing about living in London?

I hate all the parking restrictions, parking fines and like everyone else, I hate the traffic. There would probably be a lot more traffic if there weren’t any parking restrictions, but still.

Favorite spot to grab a drink?

I really like Callooh Callay in Shoreditch. It’s a bit of a hipster Narnia with a secret section out the back and a wardrobe you have to walk through which takes you to a parallel universe and the toilets.

Favorite spot to grab a bite?

Upper Street in Islington has a beautiful village feel and is a quick taxi ride home. There are plenty of independent restaurants to choose from, my favourites being ZiloufsLe Mercury and Pasha – all on Upper Street. Ottolenghiis also the best choice for cake but if they’re full as they often are, you can eat really well for half the price at Fig & Olive across the street. A little closer to home, I love Persian restaurant Tandis on Haverstock Hill in NW3.

Taxi, Tube, Bus, Bike or Walk?

Taxi, please. Just don’t talk to your cabbie – he’ll drive slower and pretty much double your fare.

Where do you go to get away from the city?

I’m lucky enough to travel abroad quite a bit throughout the year for work, which mostly takes me to France and sometimes further afield if I’m really fortunate. If I have a weekend escape somewhere, it’s Paris every time. If I have a little longer, I love the Greek islands for off-season sunshine, in particular Santorini in late September. The crowds are gone and the sun is still warm and it’s just perfect.

Chloé is an amazingly talented photographer. You should check her work out here!

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