Cornwall in Summer


Now that it’s October, I am finally ready for autumn to arrive, get my sweaters out of storage from beneath the bed and cooking more hearty meals for those chilly nights. But that doesn’t mean that I am finished reminiscing about summer. Back in August a group of us were invited down to our friend’s amazing home in Cornwall for what has turned into our third annual trip down that way (you can see previous trips here). Unlike past trips, we were blessed with beautiful weather pretty much every day and we took full advantage of it by having BBQs in the garden, swimming in the ocean, heading out on the boat to try to catch some fish and going for long walks along the coast. This year we made a return visit to the St. Kew Inn for a lovely pub lunch in their front garden before heading back to the house for a pretty hilarious mystery dinner party. This trip has always been a highlight of the year for Reid, Bonnie and I and this year was no different!

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Itinerary: A long weekend in February celebrating two friends’ birthdays in Cornwall.

Travel Time: About a 4.5-5 hour drive from London. You can also take the train or fly but when we head down to the coast we like to bring our yellow labrador, Bonnie, along so driving is usually the best option for us.

Accommodation: We have been lucky to have some dear friends who own an incredible house in Rock which is located just across the way from Padstow in Cornwall. It is the perfect set up for a group of friends to enjoy a trip together on the coast in a very relaxed way. And the location could not be any better with easy access to the beach, the ferry to take you to Padstow or the shops up in Rock which are all walking distance away.

Highlight(s): We have had to good fortune to be invited to spend time in Cornwall on a few occasions, the most recent of which was over a long weekend in February (we have plans to head back sometime this summer and will definitely do another post with more summery images then). The beaches and dunes that surround them in Cornwall are absolutely stunning and one of my favorite things to do is go for a long walk. Depending on the time of day, the difference between high and low tide is quite dramatic and can change the  landscape drastically, sometimes even cutting off the path you may have previously taken. I love photographing all of the different textures and colors in the sand, dunes and rocks on these walks. It really is one of the most beautiful and peaceful places on earth.

Our dog Bonnie is huge fan of the water and can spend hours fetching sticks, eating seaweed and just exploring all of the new smells as we amble across the sand. She definitely gets in a good workout and usually spends the rest of the day snoozing by the bay window looking out over the boats going by as we warm up with a cup of tea. I can’t wait to get back here and capture some more of the beauty of the Cornish coast.

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